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Tenerife International Regatta

December November
In Marina San Miguel, Tenerife


We are pleased to announce that the 3rd edition of Tenerife International Regatta will take place this December. San Miguel is known among the sailors as a windy and demanding spot, that attracts ILCA athletes from all around the world. The area of Marina San Miguel offers amazing infrastructure with it’s many hotels, villas, restaurants, gyms and beautiful cycling and hiking routes. This year you can join ILCA 7 and Masters ILCA 6 and 7 category.

ILCA training

Training Camp for ILCA 7 sailors and 3 days Masters Training with Javier Cebrian Hernandez before the regatta. 

Find out more about Masters ILCA Training

To join Javier’s group contact us directly. Read more about the camps

ILCA boats charter

Contact us directly to charter ILCA boats for the regatta.  Contact Us

How to sign up?

For Masters

Ahoy ILCA Masters Sailors!

Don’t stop sailing when it gets cold in Europe. Come join us in the sunny Tenerife. You will fall in love with the beauty of the island and its wonderful dinghy sailing opportunities.

We will run a few weeks of Masters ILCA Trainings through the autumn-winter season 23/24. Coached by the best trainers: Canarian Olympian Javier Cebrian Hernandez and the acknowledged Polish coaches Rafał Wilk and Jacek Turczynowicz.

Amarilla Sailing Club Laser clinics will help you reach your highest form, give opportunity to meet other Masters and spend a fun time in our chilled spot.

If you want to level up your racing game, have some important regatta in front of you or simply want to get out on the water and race for fun Masters ILCA training camps with Amarilla are a great opportunity for you.

We provide you with a boat and educational materials. It’s best to bring your own sail, battens, control lines and clothing, but we can provide these too, if you cannot bring them.

About the ILCA training

  • theoretical sessions
  • One or 2 sailing sessions per day
  • Professional coaches
  • Individual approach
  • video analysis
  • functional training
  • Stretching
  • Apres sail beers and socializing
  • all rigs

Most our trainings are 4 days long, but price includes boat charter for extra 2 days. Let us know when you will want to go sailing, so we can arrange it for you.


  • 6-8 Nov 23 – 3 days ILCA training with Javier before the regatta
  • 20-24 of Nov 23- 4 days ILCA training with Rafał
  • 5-8 Feb 24 4 days ILCA training with Javier
  • 17-20 March 24- 4 days ILCA training with Jacek

How to book?

You can book online here or contact us directly. To secure your spot we ask for 50% deposit fee, the rest needs to be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course. You can pay online by card or directly with us by bank transfer.

Price for our standard trainings includes:

  • 4 days of training
  • Boat charter for training days
  • 2 days of extra charter (every session is 3 hours incl rigging and derigging)
  • RIB assistance during charter sessions
  • Educational materials
  • Best coaches
  • Access to our work out/stretching area
  • Access to school’s facilities
  • Assistance of our staff during your stay
  • Transfer from/to airport to/from the marina (day before the start and day after the finish of the training between 8-22)
  • Good bye drinks and socializing

ILCA Training Camps


ILCA Training Camps in Tenerife during the winter months provide a unique opportunity for laser sailors to train in a warm and sunny environment when many other locations are experiencing colder weather. Set in the beautiful Canary Islands, these camps offer a combination of exceptional sailing conditions, professional coaching, and top-notch facilities. Participants can expect to sharpen their skills, enhance their fitness, and gain a competitive edge while enjoying the island’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture.

Read more about the coaches 

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ILCA Training Camps for professional athletes provide a comprehensive program tailored to the specific needs of elite laser sailors. The program is designed to enhance performance at the highest level of competition and push athletes to reach their full potential. Here is an overview of the ILCA Training Camp program for pro athletes:

  1. Advanced Techniques and Tactics: The training focuses on refining advanced sailing techniques and tactics specific to ILCA racing. Coaches work closely with athletes to optimize boat speed, refine maneuvers, and develop strategies for various racing conditions.
  2. Physical Conditioning: Pro athletes engage in rigorous physical conditioning programs to improve strength, endurance, and agility. Fitness training includes targeted exercises, cardiovascular workouts, and tailored regiments to enhance sailing performance and overall athleticism.
  3. Mental Preparation: ILCA Training Camps emphasize mental preparation for pro athletes. This includes sports psychology sessions, mental toughness training, visualization exercises, and goal-setting strategies to help athletes develop a winning mindset and handle high-pressure situations.
  4. Regatta Simulation and Analysis: Athletes participate in simulated regatta scenarios to replicate race conditions and practice race strategies. Video analysis sessions are conducted to review performances, identify areas for improvement, and develop personalized action plans.
  5. Tactical Race Training: The program focuses on advanced racing tactics, such as starting techniques, mark roundings, strategic decision-making, and fleet positioning. Athletes learn to make quick and calculated decisions on the racecourse to gain a competitive advantage.
  6. Equipment Optimization: Pro athletes receive guidance on equipment setup, including sail trim, mast bend, and boat tuning, to maximize performance. Coaches provide expertise in equipment selection and help athletes fine-tune their gear for different sailing conditions.
  7. Regatta Support: ILCA Training Camps often offer opportunities for pro athletes to participate in local or international regattas. Coaches provide on-site support, race analysis, and debrief sessions to help athletes translate their training into successful competitive performances.

ILCA Training Camps for pro athletes aim to provide a high-performance training environment, expert coaching, and a supportive network to help athletes excel in their laser sailing careers.

For who?

For athletes of all ages and rigs who want to better their sailing skills


27 Nov- 1 Dec 23: 5 days training with Rafal Wilk (+ 1 charter day)

January/February clinics with Javier Cebrian Hernandez- dates coming soon

Price includes:

  • Boat charter
  • Every day training session
  • Individual coaching approach
  • Small groups
  • Coach assistance
  • Access to club’s facilities
  • Educational materials

Meet our coaches

Javier Hernandez cebrian

Javier Cebrian Hernandez

Javier Cebrian Hernandez is a Canarian Laser sailor, who competed in the Olympics twice first in Beijing in 2008 and then in London in 2012. After he finished his career as a pro Laser sailor he turned to coaching. Ever since he has been very succesful working with world’s top ILCA 7 sailors and preparing them for different events including the Olympic Games.

Since a few years Javier has been the coach for Laser Masters Clinics here in Tenerife and he is the initiator and main organizer of Tenerife International Regatta.

Rafał Wilk is a highly accomplished ILCA coach from Poland, recognized for his exceptional coaching abilities and passion for the sport of sailing. With an extensive background in competitive sailing, Rafał brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge and experience to his coaching practice. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and analytical approach, he excels in refining sailors’ techniques, optimizing boat performance, and developing effective race strategies. Rafał’s coaching philosophy emphasizes a strong focus on mental preparation, physical conditioning, and tactical decision-making, allowing athletes under his guidance to excel both on the racecourse and in their overall personal development. With a proven track record of success and a deep commitment to his athletes, Rafał Wilk continues to make a significant impact within the ILCA community, inspiring and empowering sailors to achieve their highest potential.

Rafał Wilk

Jacek Turczynowicz

About Jacek 

Highly qualified coach, instructor and manager with an international background in teaching on both dinghies, catamarans and keelboats. For the last few years involved in many sailing projects and events. Devoted to develop sailing in Poland by supporting new and existing clubs with his knowledge and expertise.

I’m the owner of an educational sailing platform and the author of a sailing book. As an Optimist Coach I used to work as a National Coach, and State Coach for a few years. Later as a freelancer I was being invited to give my sailing expertise to the top national sailors on many various national and international clinics and regattas.

Coaching Bio
· Club Coach of Leading Australian Sailing Clubs
· Coach for the Optimist National Team (Europeans and Worlds Championships) 2017; 2022, 2023 (4th Nation)
· National Optimist Coach for the World Championships – 2019
· Leading Optimist sailors to win National Titles 3 times
· State Optimist Coach – Poland 2013 – 2015
· 505 Class Coach for the World Championships – 2018
– RS21 Class Coach (Top Level of National League)

About the spot

Location and sailing conditions


Amarilla Sailing Club is located in the south of Tenerife, just 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South Airport.

The location on the east coast of the island provides ideal nautical conditions for pro sailors.

From autumn to early spring, the steady trade winds stabilize and blow with an average force of 10-15 knots. The winds are very regular: NE direction, dissipates between 10-11 and weakens in the afternoon around 15-16, nights are often windless. A long, oceanic wave is the norm on our spot, with 15 knots the waves can get quite big.

We launch dinghies from the beach near the entrance to the marina, leaving the port takes a few minutes and you are immediately in the open ocean.

The water temperature does not change much with the change of seasons, in the winter the ocean reaches between 19 and 22 degrees. The air temperature is usually 20-27 degrees Celsius, strong sun is rather the norm, rainfall is rare.


The surroundings and accommodation


The surroundings of the marina are very charming. Every lover of nature, trekking and cycling will find something for themselves here.

A beautiful route leads from Marina San Miguel to the top of the nearby mountain – Amarilla (our name comes from it) and then down to one of the most interesting and spectacular beaches on the island – Playa Amarilla. The whole trip takes about 3 hours, it’s worth staying longer on the beach, sometimes a small local bar is open there with delicious cocktails and fresh juices! Highly recommended!

North of the marina there is a small fishing town of Los Abrigos! It is only a 30-minute walk from our club along an extremely charming seaside promenade. In Abrigos you can eat delicious food (we recommend Venezuelan arepas), drink wine, listen to local street musicians or just take a walk.

If you want to eat something or go out and have a drink after sailing there are a lot of options just 10 mi nutes away from the club. You will have a choice of local restaurant, but also others serving international food. You can ask us for recommendations! Great views are guaranteed 


There are a lot of hotels, apartments, villas and other accommodation options around the marina. You can look for offers on websites such as or Airbnb. In addition to Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur, Los Abrigos will be a great option!

The nearest hostels are in Los Abrigos, El Medano, Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas.


Club facilities


In the club there are: changing rooms, wifi, coffee machine, kettle, fridge, lockers, place to do theory, TV, projector, whiteboard, sun terrace with deckchairs, exercise area. The marina’s bathrooms with showers are just 30 m away.