Sigma Active Ocean

Sigma Active Ocean is designed and produced in Poland specially for Amarilla Sailing Club.

For who: beginners, families, and more advanced sailors for strong winds

Crew: 2-6

Sigma ensures the maximum level of
comfort and security while keeping its racing qualities. It is easy in use even for less
experienced sailors, yet very fast as it can reach the speed of up to 14 knots. Thanks to
strengthened sails, rigging and most as well as the use of a daggerboard instead of a
centreboard it is a perfect dinghy for sailing on the ocean .

mainsail- 10,56m2


gennaker- 17,5m2;

additionally a smaller set of sails;

roller jib; mainsheet

weight- 520 kg;

displacement- 1,4m;

ballast- 185kg;

hull length- 6m.



For who: everyone from beginners to advanced depending on the conditions, a good level of fitness is needed

Crew: 1

Laser is one of the most popular racing boats for both adults and teenagers. As of 2018,
there are more than 215,000 boats worldwide. A commonly cited reason for its popularity is
that it is robust and simple to rig and sail in addition to its durability. It is also very fast. The
world speed record holds on 16,8 knots .
Laser provides very competitive racing due to the very tight class association controls which
eliminate differences in hull, sails and equipment. Laser is a challenging boat that rewards
athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as the tactical excellence of the
sailor. The Laser is raced by young and old alike from the Club level all the way to the

RS Zest

For who: beginners, children

Crew: 1-2

If you are just entering the world of sailing RS Zest is a dinghy to go for.

Very easy to rig and use for unexperienced sailors. Very durable. Cool, fun design with neon sails makes sailing even more pleasurable.

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