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Hop Aboard and discover the beauty of pirate life

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Spend a magical week sailing around the Canary Islands. Whether you want to make first steps on a sailboat or you are already an experienced sailor our Canary Islands sailing cruises will be perfect for you! Except for a lot of new sailing experiences and knowledge we want you to have an amazing time and make great memories to take back home.

Our sailing cruises start from Tenerife. Both day and night passages are to be expected as well as several theoretical blocks. An experienced skipper will take care of you and the rest of the crew. They will start with a yacht safety training and practicing of port maneuvers in order to make everybody feel safe and comfortable while sailing!

The Canary Islands offer us marvelous sailing conditions in the middle of the winter! Picture this: endless blue skies, a gentle breeze caressing your face, and the warm sunbeams dancing on the sparkling waves. It’s like sailing in a sailor’s paradise!

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to show the beautiful marinas where we will stop while cruising the canary islands on a sailing yacht
our instructor relaxing on a power dinghy

For who?

You can join our Canary Islands sailing cruises no matter your experience. It’s for both beginners and advanced, eager to learn and spend a wonderful time.

Our sailing training programme

In addition to day and night sailing, we are planning several theoretical classes. Here are the suggested course topics.

1.) construction and operation of the yacht
2.) sail maneuvers
3.) the theory of maneuvering in the port
4.) safety during navigation, accident prevention, discussion and analysis of maritime accidents
5.) Planning a cruise – handling electronics on the yacht (chartplotter, radio, GPS), basics of classic navigation, route planning
6.) basics of maritime regulations of international law
7.) meteorology
For experienced groups, we offer elements of regatta sailing

About the spot

The Canary Islands boast a sublime subtropical climate that’s as smooth as a sailor’s swagger. Forget about icy winds and stormy seas! Here, you’ll find a delightful trade wind, known as the “Canary Current,” that blows steadily and consistently from the northeast to the southwest
It’s like having your own personal wind fairy, gently guiding our vessel through the archipelago. Averaqge strength of the wind is between 10 and 20 knots, but it can get much stronger!

Our yachts

All our yachts are comfortable 40-45 ft, vessel.  Fully equipped and prepared for ocean sailing, with a dinghy on board to make our land conquests smoother. 

Not only sailing, we go hiking during the canary islands sailing cruise

Beyond sailing

The islands are like a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Each one has its unique charm and offers a mix of smooth coastal sailing and exhilarating open water adventures.

Imagine cruising past towering volcanic peaks, their rugged beauty contrasting with the calm azure waters. It’s like sailing through a postcard-perfect paradise, where every turn reveals a new breathtaking sight. 

But it’s not just about the sailing. There’s plenty of fun to be had on land too! The islands are teeming with vibrant culture, lively festivals, and mouthwatering cuisine. So, let’s drop anchor, hop off the boat, and immerse in the local fiestas and flavors.

One of our favourites is to anchor off one of the Canarian’s famous hippie beaches and spend a beautiful time snorkling, cooking and getting to know the locals! 

To secure your spot for our Canary Islands sailing cruises we ask for 50% fee payment. It can be made online via credit card or directly through us by bank transfer. The remaining of the fee needs to be pai dup to 30 days before the start.

Our Pricing includes:

  • 7 nights on board
  • Sailing training programme 
  • Experienced skipper
  • Educational materials
  • Transfer from/to the airport to/from the marina (between 8:00 and 22:00 on the start and finish day)
  • Petrol, marina fees, gas
  • Transfer to the supermarket on the start day
  • Final cleaning
  • Towels and bedding

Prices does not include:

  • Flights
  • Insurance 
  • Food (the crew will share the costs of grocery shopping)


850 Euro/pp – one spot in a double cabin

1590 Euro/ 2 people in one cabin