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Introduction to Racing Dinghies

Level: intermediate- equivalent to RYA: Level 3 and RYA: Start Racing
Duration: 4 full days+ 1 day charter

Price: 595€


Intensive training for those who want to make their first steps in dinghy racing!

Sailing not only requires proper understanding of the wind and the boat. Repetitive movements, appropriate habits and physical preparation are needed.Everything you need to be able to sail as fast as possible can be found in this training. Everyday we will start with a short warm-up on the shore, then there will be some theory and 1 or 2 training sessions on the water. We will watch films from the water, conduct discussions and analysis. During our first few sessions we will focus on practicing and improving basic sailing skills, and only after we will proceed to elements of sailboat racing! There will be plenty of fun!


Improving basic sailing maneuvers:

• boat handling
• tacking and jibing
• heading up/ bearing away
• sailing to windward
• lay lines
• casting off
• berthing

Elements of sailboat racing:

• mental and physical fitness
• security
• boat preparation
• crew work (division of tasks- playbook)
• sport sailing (how to sail fast)
• lay lines
• regata regulations
• strategy (planning and evaluation of conditions)
• tactics (responding to the beheaviour of other yachts on the route)
• start (exercises and trial starts)
• meta (evaluation of the advantageous side)
• mark rounding




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a boy sailing a laser 4.7 dinghy in tenerife


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a boy sailing a laser 4.7 dinghy in tenerife