Dinghy Sailing Step I

Dinghy Sailing step I

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Beginner Sailing Skills

Level: begginer/lower-intermediate -equivalent to RYA Level 1 and 2
Duration: 4 days

Price: 495€


Make your dream of becoming a sailor come true!⛵️

Dinghy Sailing Step I is a course designed for both total beginners and those with little experience. 

Everyday after a morning coffee☕️ in the club we will teach you sailing fundamentals that will help you survive the practical part 😜 Lectures in Amarilla Sailing Club are always fun and engaging. We will cover all most important topics, but if you want to learn about something specific just ask your instructor.

🙃Definitely the exciting part of a day is sailing. For beginners we use RS Zest dinghies- great 1 or 2 person dinghies, very stable and easy to handle or bigger Sigmas. Even though Sigmas don’t capsize,  in stronger winds they will give you a shot of adrenaline💨.

Dinghy sailing unlike yachting is very physical, you will definitely get wet and we promise you will fall in love with it ❤️.

For those who prefer more stable yachts, Sigmas will be a great option.

Our Tenerife Dinghy Sailing courses are super exciting!🙂Our instructors are experienced professional coaches, Tenerife is always sunny and warm🌞, we treat every student individually and the atmosphere here is just the best 🐬.

After the basic sailing course you will be able to sail on your own in fairly good conditions!


• safety
• yacht construction and yacht equipment
• basic knots, berthing, mooring
• the theory of sailing and basic manoeuvre: points of sail
• rigging
• preparing to get underway
• preparing to set main and jib
• casting off
• keeping the course
• heading up/bearing away
• tacking
• jibing


length: 6 m
Sails: 17, m2
number of people in the crew: 2-4


1-2 people

a boy sailing a laser 4.7 dinghy in tenerife


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a boy sailing a laser 4.7 dinghy in tenerife