Dinghy Charter

Dinghy Sailing on the atlantic? Why not!


Charter one of our dinghies

  • Sigma
  • RS Zest
  • RS Neo
  • Laser/ILCA

To find out more about each dinghy and choose the most suitable one for you- click- Our dinghies

Only for experienced dinghy sailors!

About charter in Amarilla Sailing Club

1. Your safety is our priority. You will either go sailing as a part of bigger group or there will be someone from our team watching you from a power dinghy!

2. Every session lasts 3 hours including rigging and derigging time. Every sailor rigs and derigs their boat on their own. We can obviously help you if you have any issues.

3, Buoyancy Aids are compulsolary- included in the price of the charter.

4. A person chartering is responsible for any damage done to the equipment.

5. Cash deposit of 150 Euro is always taken before the sailing session and returned after.

6. You can rent wetsuit and boots from us.

7. You don’t need a licence to rent a dinghy from us, but you need to be experienced! If you don’t have enough experience to sail on the ocean you can sign up for our courses or private lessons

a boy sailing a laser 4.7 dinghy in tenerife