Surprises for the upcoming season!

Surprises for the upcoming season!

Ahoy Pirates! Sailing courses for season 23/24 are now live. We have some news for you!

Summers in Tenerife are really hot, really steamy and really windy (yes, really, all of these at once!). As it for sure does have its charm, for Amarilla Sailing Club Team it’s a time to take a break and go on various sailing escapades in different parts of the world… Well mainly Baltic and the Med.

Summertime is fun and exciting! But I need to tell you, that it’s impossible to not miss our little club, the Marina, Mirek running around and shouting something and obviously our students! I’m glad that with some of you we keep in touch even during these summer months. It always make us super happy to get your summer sailing pictures. So please don’t be shy and send more!

Season 23/24 starts in October! Choose your sailing training now.

You can now see the dates for next season courses and sailing trainings in Tenerife… you can see all our courses and dates under this link!

Some haven’t changed much: Dinghy Sailing Step I and Step II are as they were. We only decided to make the beginner course one day shorter as many of the students thought 5 days were too exhausting. And they are right, you deserve some easy beach fun too 😉

So what’s new in Amarilla?

The upcoming season we will have 2 days Dinghy Sailing Step I and II trainings! Good option if you are just starting and not sure if you will like the sport (you probably will, I’m telling you, but you can always come back for more). Short weekend course will be good if you are only coming to Tenerife for a few days and want to do it all: sailing, hiking, climbing you name it…

Another news is better offer for our pro sailors. Javier and Rafał will run quite a few ILCA clinics for ILCA athletes and for our lovely Masters. If you are one of those guys go check out our webpage about ILCA trainings. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the 3rd edition of Tenerife International Regatta. This year from 8th till 11th of November. I will write more about the regatta in next posts. so stay tuned.

Last but not least! This one is a little different, but what would be life without a little diversity. We are starting with sailing cruises on big yachts with actual keels. We are all very excited about these ones. Your skipper will be Natalia! She recently decided to swap little boats for the bigger ones. And so since a few seasons skippers cruises on the Med, on the Baltic sea and around the Canary Islands!

There will be only 4 weeks of cruises, so be sure to secure your spot on the yacht!

Don’t be shy, get in touch!

You can always call or email if you need some help in choosing your sailing training. If we don’t reply it means we are off shore (always a great excuse, right). But don’t worry, as soon as we’re back we will contact you back!

Enjoy your summer my pirates and my future pirates! I will be posting here with updates from our Team, news from the school and some sailing and dinghy sailing tips and discussions around the topic. Don’t forget to choose your sailing training with Amarilla Sailing Club.

Kinga and the Team